Race Calendar 2024

Provisional race calendar for 2024, which will be successively expanded in the coming days/weeks. Some organizers still have to clarify or fulfill final formalities. Please visit our calendar from time to time.

In Italy (Lake Garda) you have the possibility to participate in a Combined Deca (10x Day directly followed by the 10x Continuous), but also in a new format, the 10x NonStop. The NonStop version is similar to the Day version but without a break between each day. After finishing the run, you can directly start swimming again.

The IUTA World Championship will take place in Colmar/France at the 5x Continuous distance, the first since 2005.


IUTA World Cup Races

Bretzel Ultra Triathlons in Colmar, France
2x, 3x, 5x WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, 2xDay, 3xDay, 5xDay & 6xSplit
23.06. - 30.06.2024
Double & Triple Ultra Triathlon in Lensahn, Germany
2x & 3x
25.07. - 28.07.2024
Ultra Triathlon Estonia in Vinni
2x, 2xDay-10xDay
01.08. - 12.08.2024
Double & Triple Ultra Triathlon in Bad Radkersburg, Austria
2x & 3x
Bad Radkersburg/AUT
30.08. - 02.09.2024
Ultratriathlon Italy at Lake Garda, Italy
10x, 20x, 30x, 5xDay - 30xDay, 10xCombined & 10xNonStop
Desenzano del Garda/ITA



No race in 2024, but will be back again 2025...

Double, Triple & Quintuple in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
2x-10x & 2xDay-10xDay
Rio de Janeiro/Brasil
10x & 20x, 3xDay, 5xDay & 10xDay