All IUTA members (e.g. athletes and parts of the organization teams) have the duty to accept the IUTA rules. That duty includes next to the IUTA ruleset to accept the anti-doping (test) rules, the rules for the IUTA consent form and the IUTA constitution.

The payment of the membership fee for athletes at IUTA sanctioned events will be deducted in the entry fee of corresponding races. Athletes should notice that without recognition of the rules in its entirety no start at IUTA sanctioned races is possible.

Members should notice that in case of violation of the rules or parts of the rules, the corresponding member can be sanctioned by the association. This can lead to the complete exclusion.

There are two options to download the current rules. In the first document all changes compared to the previous year are marked with yellow color and/or crossed-out words/sentences. The second document is clean formatted.

10.06.2019 - Addition to article 16, technology fraud:
The mere presence of an engine (even without use) leads to immediate disqualification.

29.06.2019 - Addition to article 21, IUTA World Cup Challenge:
If two or more atheltes finish with the same time the corresponding world cup rank points will be added and divided through the number of finishers at the same time.
Example: Two athletes finish a "Double" in 5th place at the same time. The points for rank 5 and rank 6 will be added and divided through 2 (for two athletes) => (120 points + 110 points) / 2 athletes = 115 points for each athlete.

29.06.2019 - Addition to article 8, swimming conduct:
The use of a snorkel is prohibited.

05.08.2019 - Addition to article 8, swimming conduct:
The use of socks or neoprene socks is prohibited.
It's prohibited to cover hands and feet during the swim.

07.08.2019 - Correction to article 21, IUTA World Cup Challenge
There is a mistake in the points table: Other than written in the points table, the points for rank 19, 20 and so on will be lesser. The rules states "The 18th finisher and all subsequent finishers each get one point less than their predecessor."

Important changes towards the previous year:

  • Exact definiton of an Ultra Triathlon an the difference between a continuous and day version such as corrections of distances and tolerances (article 2 & 13)
  • Classification of age groups at ten-year intervals (article 5)
  • Definition of what to do when a race has to be interrupted and how the restart can be organized (article 14)
  • Implementation of a rule for technology fraud detection (article 16)
  • Change in the prize money regulations for world championships to make it fair for the organizers of Quintuple UT, Deca UT and so on (article 20)
  • Change of the world cup challenge points regulations based on the athletes vote in December 2018 (article 21)
  • Implementation of a Long Distance Challenge next to the World Cup Challenge, where the athlete wins, who finished the most long distances in IUTA sanctioned races in a calendar year (article 23)
  • Deletion of the ruleset for "Teams", because there was no use in the past