How to become a member of IUTA?
Every athlete who stands at the starting line of an IUTA sanctioned race and handed over the completed and signed IUTA Consent Form to the respective organizer is automatically a member of IUTA.
Explanation: In order to comply with the conditions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we made the decision to delete all existing contact data and e-mails after the 2018/2019 committee handover. We only process the data of those athletes who have been on the starting line of an IUTA competition since January 2019 and have authorized us to do so in writing.

How much is the membership fee for a participant?
15 EUR per participant for each race. This fee is included in the entry fee of each IUTA sanctioned race.

When will be the next IUTA committee election?
The next election will be in October 2022.

Why I do not receive member-specific e-mails from IUTA?

  • The e-mail address you entered in the Consent Form is not correct or no longer up to date. Just send us your correct or new address via our contact form and ask us to note it.
  • Your mailbox is full and don't accept incoming e-mails.
  • Maybe the e-mail is stored in your spam box.
  • You're not a IUTA member.

What conditions do I have to meet in order for a world record to be recognized by IUTA?
You can find the conditions here.

Does IUTA cooperate with operators of other social media channels? One often reads news about or from IUTA outside the official IUTA website and/or the IUTA social media channels.
No, we do not work with operators of other social media channels, except with our organizers and sponsors. Any publications of IUTA contents intended for internal purposes is the sole responsibility of the person publishing it and are made without our knowledge and without our consent. We hereby expressly distance ourselves from any content, in particular untruths, half-truths, defamation regarding our members, our events and IUTA itself on all social media channels and websites not operated by IUTA.

I'm an organizer and want to bring my race to IUTA. What do I have to do?
Welcome to IUTA. First step is to let us know that you're interested in to bring your event to the IUTA race calendar. Write us a short e-mail via our contact form. You have to fulfil at least requirements as follows that we agree in writing in a contract:

  • Accept the IUTA rules in its entirety
  • Electronic timing system which counts every lap (bike and run)
  • Measurement of tracks (bike and run) with an official protocol
  • Anti-doping tests, conducted by a WADA-accredited laboratory
  • Website with all important information for athletes and live results tracking

I'm an organizer: Can I change the cut-off times for the different races?
Yes, you can choose the cut-off times freely, but they must be published on your website before the race. The IUTA only gives recommendations in its rules, section "TIME LIMITS AND BREAKS/RESTARTS".