About the IUTA

The International Ultra Triathlon Association (IUTA) is the official governing body of Ultra Triathlon. The non profit organization was founded in 1992.

The IUTA is a grouping of ultra triathletes and race organizers with the same goal to make ultratriathlon a world-renowned sporting event with the same rules. The IUTA promotes and regulates ultra triathlons around the world, upholding the highest quality and a superior reputation. We endorse World Championships and maintain an annual world cup ranking.

What is an ultra triathlon?
An ultra triathlon is a kind of race that uses the multiple of the classical distance as presented at the Ironman in Hawaii. Such a "Single Ultra Triathlon" is a swim of 2.4 mi / 3,8 km, a bike ride of 112 mi / 180 km finished by a run of a marathon in that order without a break. In ultra events the distances are multiplied by two, three or more depending of the race. The first ultra triathlon was held in Huntsville, Alabama, USA in 1985.

Ultra TriathlonSwimBikeRunTotal
Single 2.4mi / 3,8km 112mi / 180km 26.2mi / 42,2km 140.6mi / 226km
Double 4.8mi / 7,6km 224mi / 360km 52.4mi / 84,4km 281.2mi / 452km
Triple 7.2mi / 11,4km 336mi / 540km 78.6mi / 126,6km 421.8mi / 678km
Quadruple 9.6mi / 15,2km 448mi / 720km 104.8mi / 168,8km 562.4mi / 904km
Quintuple 12mi / 19km 560mi / 900km 131mi / 211km 703mi / 1130km
Deca 24mi / 38km 1120mi / 1800km 262mi / 422km 1406mi / 2260km
Double Deca 48mi / 76km 2240mi / 3600km 524mi / 844km 2812mi / 4520km
Triple Deca 72mi / 114km 3360mi / 5400km 786mi / 1266km 4218mi / 6780km

Since 2006 there were held a new variation of ultra triathlons, the so called "day" or "per-day" ultra triathlon. The first event was the Deca Day Ultra Triathlon in Monterrey, Mexico, where all athletes had to do ten normal long distances on ten consecutive days with a break after finishing each day.

Who participates in such races?
Ultra triathletes around the world who have finished a normal long distance triathlon and are looking for a new, bigger challenge register for that kind of competitions. An ultra triathlon is for many endurance athletes the next step to get to know own limits. To be an Ultra Triathlete is a self-experiment in which you put your determination and capacity for suffering to the test. But in the end nobody will ever forget the feeling he had at the moment while crossing the finish line.

By participating at an ultra triathlon you become a member of a big family with friends all over the world. Of course the race is there to determine a winner and during the race all competitors will give their best to win the race, but the main thing for the most is to finish the race. The athletes encourage each other during to overcome the distance and successfully finish the race.

Who organizes such races?
The majority, if not all, of the race directors are previous or current ultra triathletes themselves. This is mainly because the races are so difficult and require the organisers (and event staff) to truly understand what it takes to get to the finish line. This has many benefits for the athletes because the events are not ran as commercial ventures as such, but from passion and the desire to see others experience, what is often, a life changing event.

Another advantage is that small details that many "normal" race directors would not think of, will be high on the list of priorities for ultra triathlon organisers. Like the famous Last Lap sign (SwissUltra) and the awesome Pizza Bell (DecaMan USA), all of which can really help the athletes through these tough events.

They are also pretty good at staying awake for many days at a time… ;-)