Double in Oregon 2019 canceled!

Double in Oregon 2019 canceled!Sad news from USA - the Oregon Double will not take place in July. Below the orginial message:

"Due to a low number of entries this year, we have decided to cancel the 2019 Oregon Double ANVIL race at Henry Hagg Lake. With 3 months remaining until race day, the number of athletes who have committed to participate across all race distances is not enough to provide a competitive field.

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Hayes and Zemadanis win the Double Anvil in Florida 2019

1st race of the IUTA cup is complete: The Florida Double Anvil which took place on March 8th and 9th, 2019 in Lake Louisa Park, in Clermont, FL. Clermont is a small town just outside of the more popular city of Orlando. Clermont actually has some hills and elevation as is evidence on this race course which has a bike loop containing about 150ft (46 m) elevation per loop totaling an approximately 4,500 ft of climbing during the bike (1,370 m). Most people think of Florida as a flat terrain, edged with beautiful beaches and warm temperatures. But Clermont adds some altitude to the warm weather.

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Start in the Ultra Season 2019

Start in the Ultra Season 2019 at the Double Anvil in Clermont/FloridaThe first race in 2019 is close. Next weekend the ultra triathlon world will have a look at the Double Anvil in Clermont Florida. Start is on Friday, 8th March at 7am (New York time); the end after 36 hours cut off time on Saturday at 7pm. About 20 participants signed up for the 281.2 miles at the Lake Louisa State Park. Because there a no clear favorites we hope for an exciting race and will cross our fingers that all are able to get to the finish line and achieve their personal goals.

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