length loop/lane pool / 50m 8,0158km 1,298km
lanes/loops 2x 152 45* 66
full distance 2x 7,6km 360,915km 85,668km
fault tolerance 2x +3,04m ±72,18m ±17,13m
lanes/loops 3x 228 68* 98
full distance 3x 11,4km 545,278km 127,204km
fault tolerance 3x +4,56m ±109,06m ±25,44m
official measured yes no no
IUTA measured - yes yes
gradient 2x - ± 960m ± 225m
gradient 3x - ± 1440m ± 335m
ground - asphalt asphalt / cobblestone
closed for traffic - partially partially
lights needed - yes no
time limit 2x 3:30h swim+bike 22h 34h
time limit 3x 6h swim+bike 34h 58h

* The first loop from the pool into the bike track is with a length of 8,2198 kilometers a little bit longer than all others.
race record 37:18:17h (M. Hertel) 30:48:57h (R. Karas)  
swim record 3:07:53h (H. Sogaard) 2:41:19h (R. Karas)  
bike record 17:41:04h (M. Hertel) 15:22:28h (R. Karas)  
run record +T2 13:25:26h (A. Benöhr) 11:30:33h (L. Wildpanner)  
most victories A. Benöhr (13) E. Conraux (4)  
most finishes A. Benöhr (13) R. Patzina & A. Vöneki (15)  
participations 88 850 938
finished particip. 73 698 771
diff. competitors 39 352 391
different finisher 33 314 347
AVG swim time 4:13:52h 3:58:01h 3:59:31h
AVG bike time 24:20:15h 22:49:06h 22:57:44h
AVG run time 20:53:41h 20:50:38h 20:50:55h
AVG finish time 49:27:48h 47:37:44h 47:48:10h