The event was created by Laurent Quignette, aka Bretzelman. Together with the Bretzel-Team, the experienced athlete organized the event for the first time in 2021. In addition to triathlons, a 24h-Run and the Marathon Challenge, 5 in 5 days, are also offered.

Race Facts
length loop/lane pool / 50m 8,75211km 1,3304km
lanes/loops 2x 152 40 64
full distance 2x 7,6km 361,33km* 85,15km
lanes/loops 3x 228 61 96
full distance 3x 11,4km 545,13km* 127,72km
lanes/loops 5x 380 102 159
full distance 5x 19km 903,97km* 211,53km
official measured yes yes yes
IUTA measured no no yes
gradient - negligible negligible
ground - asphalt asphalt, forest path
closed for traffic - no no
lights needed - yes no
time limit 2x 4h 24h (swim + bike) 43h
time limt 3x 6h 42h (swim + bike) 61h
time limit 5x 14h 81h (swim + bike) 148h

* The full distance of the bike track includes the additional transition way from the pool + a part of the bike loop until crossing the timing mat for the first time of 11,25 kilometers.