Interview with Myrna Saliba:"Age is just a number."

Myrna Saliba (62), credits being diagnosed with "osteoporosis" for her sports career. From huffing and puffing running 3 minutes in a row at 8km/h in 2000, the multinational athlete went on to run over 20+ marathons, discovered ironman, and set her eyes on even bigger goals: ultratriathlon. In 2019, Myrna will attempt her longest race ever: The Quintuple in Switzerland.

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Hayes and Zemadanis win the Double Anvil in Florida 2019

1st race of the IUTA cup is complete: The Florida Double Anvil which took place on March 8th and 9th, 2019 in Lake Louisa Park, in Clermont, FL. Clermont is a small town just outside of the more popular city of Orlando. Clermont actually has some hills and elevation as is evidence on this race course which has a bike loop containing about 150ft (46 m) elevation per loop totaling an approximately 4,500 ft of climbing during the bike (1,370 m). Most people think of Florida as a flat terrain, edged with beautiful beaches and warm temperatures. But Clermont adds some altitude to the warm weather.

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Interview with Henning Olsrud

Henning Olsrud, born in 1986, is the first athlete from Norway who has won the IUTA World Cup. He finished four races in 2018 and was always on the podium. Right at the beginning of season Henning was able to win the Double Anvil in Florida and finished with the second best time ever at the Quintuple Day in Switzerland. We talked with him about his achievements in the past year.

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