York/Great Britain

length loop/lane pool / 25m 8.10mi 1.15mi
number of loops 5x 760 70 114
full distance 5x 19km 567mi 131.1mi
fault tolerance 5x +7,6m ±0.133mi ±0.03mi
number of loops 10x 1520 139 228
full distance 10x 38km 1125.9mi 262.2mi
fault tolerance 10x 15,2m ±0.225mi ±0,05mi
official measured yes no no
measured by IUTA - yes yes
gradient 5x - ± 8818ft ± ?
gradient 10x - ± 17512ft ± ?
ground - asphalt forest path
closed for traffic - no mostly
lights needed - yes yes
time limt 5x 12h 84h (swim + bike) 144h
time limit 10x 24h 168h (swim + bike) 288h