Spotsylvania, Virginia/USA

The event was founded by Don Mann and his "Odyssey Adventure Racing" team. The first Double Ultra Triathlon was held at Virginia Beach, moved the following year to Colonial Beach (Triple UT was added) and in 2001 to Lake Anna State Park. Steve Kirby who was part of the OAR-team acquired the event in 2005 and organizes it, since 2014 together with Teri Smith, anually. Next to the Double Anvil (22 editions so far) and Triple Anvil (19) a Qunintuple Anvil (5) was added in 2012. The Quintuple in per day-format (2) is hosted since 2016. Find the full story and more informations at

length loop/lane 643,6m / lake 8,169km 1,6335km
number of loops 1x 6 22 26
full distance 1x 3,862km 181,21km* 42,47km
number of loops 2x 12 44 52
full distance 2x 7,723km 360,93km* 84,94km
number of loops 3x 18 66 45
full distance 3x 11,585km 540,64km* 127,41km
number of loops 5x 30 110 74
full distance 5x 19,3km 900,08km* 212,35km
official measured yes yes yes
measured by IUTA - no no
elevation 1x - ± 440m negligible
elevation 2x - ± 880m negligible
elevation 3x - ± 1320m negligible
elevation 5x - ± 2200m negligible
ground - asphalt asphalt
closed for traffic - ? ?
lights needed - yes yes
time limit day UT - - 24h/day
time limit 2x - - 36h
time limt 3x - - 60h
time limit 5x - - 132h

* includes the way of 1,488 km from transition one into the first bike lap
2x Statistics
race record 28:02:42h (A. Engel) 22:29:28h (M. Markovic) -
swim record 2:12:22h (D. Battaglia) 1:58:00h (C. Kemeny) -
bike record +T1 13:34:01h (R. Watkins) 13:00:27h (C. Kemeny) -
run record +T2 10:08:32h (A. Engel) 8:13:38h (M. Markovic) -
most victories A. Benöhr & S. Wieneke (2) David Jepson (3) -
most finishes 6 women (2) Paul Bedard (9) -
participations 61 294 355
finished particip. 39 222 261
diff. competitors 43 210 253
different finisher 33 171 204
AVG swim time 2:58:54h 2:50:29h 2:51:48h
AVG bike time 16:04:05h 15:23:47h 15:30:04h
AVG run time 13:13:38h 12:38:44h 12:44:10h
AVG finish time 32:26:14h 30:57:08h 31:10:26h
3x Statistics
race record 44:55:54h (G. Vandiver) 38:49:38h (S. Jordan) -
swim record 3:54:06h (A. Ramer) 2:54:07h (A. Weinberg) -
bike record +T1 20:26:50h (G. Vandiver) 18:35:49h (G. Marechal) -
run record +T2 20:11:04h (G. Vandiver) 14:26:43h (S. Cordeiro) -
most victories Kathy Roche-Wallace (7) Beat Knechtle (6) -
most finishes Kathy Roche-Wallace (8) Beat Knechtle (10) -
participations 31 161 192
finished particip. 22 118 140
diff. competitors 20 105 125
different finisher 15 86 101
AVG swim time 4:29:19h 4:28:16h 4:28:51h
AVG bike time 26:34:30h 27:57:13h 26:03:05h
AVG run time 23:59:26h 22:45:04h 22:56:45h
AVG finish time 52:40:42h 47:57:08h 48:32:34h
5x Statistics
race record 109:33:04h (C. Couldrey) 95:43:13h (O. Dallner) -
swim record 6:37:00h (C. Couldrey) 5:52:00h (A. Weinberg) -
bike record +T1 50:32:35h (C. Couldrey) 46:18:37h (O. Dallner) -
run record +T2 45:26:20h (K. Scott) 40:33:36h (O. Dallner) -
participations 9 21 30
finished particip. 6 18 24
diff. competitors 8 20 28
different finisher 6 18 24
AVG swim time 8:56:30h 8:24:50h 8:32:45h
AVG bike time 61:07:18h 59:31:49h 59:55:41h
AVG run time 54:14:47h 49:35:56h 50:45:39h
AVG finish time 124:18:34h 117:46:08h 119:24:15h