Bad Blumau/Austria

length loop/lane pool / 25m 2,7km 2,94km
number of loops 2x 304 133 29
full distance 2x 7,6km 361,05km* 85,26km
fault tolerance 2x +3,04m ±72,21m ±17,05m
number of loops 3x 456 200 43
full distance 3x 11,4km 541,95km* 126,42km
fault tolerance 3x +4,56m ±108,39m ±25,28m
number of loops 5x 760 333 72
full distance 5x 19km 901,05km* 211,68km
fault tolerance 5x +7,6m ±180,21m ±42,34m
official measured no no no
checked by IUTA no no no
gradient 2x - ± 1064m ± 116m
gradient 3x - ± 1600m ± 172m
gradient 5x - ± 2664m ± 288m
ground - asphalt asphalt / forest path
closed for traffic - no yes
lights needed - yes yes
time limit 2x 4h 24h (swim + bike) 43h
time limt 3x 6h 42h (swim + bike) 61h
time limit 5x 16h 81h (swim + bike) 156h

* includes the way of 1,95km from transition one into the first bike lap
2x Statistics
race record 30:07:23h (A. Tahedl) 20:25:00h (K. Vanthuyne) -
swim record 2:51:00h (J. Sandor) 1:55:49h (K. Vanthuyne) -
bike record 13:57:13h (A. Tahedl) 10:33:23h (A. Six) -
run record 12:14:14h (A. Tahedl) 7:12:00h (K. Vanthuyne) -
participations 3 22 25
finished particip. 3 22 25
diff. competitors 3 22 25
different finisher 3 22 25
AVG swim time 3:01:09h 2:35:51h 2:38:53h
AVG bike time 18:51:13h 14:04:21h 14:38:46h
AVG run time 18:45:37h 12:40:26h 13:24:15h
AVG finish time 40:37:59h 29:20:38h 30:31:55h
3x Statistics
race record 42:29:23h (K. Burow) 32:57:01h (R. Ratasepp) -
swim record 3:18:44h (K. Burow) 3:06:43h (M. Plahn) -
bike record 19:28:09h (K. Burow) 15:16:44h (M. Plahn) -
run record 18:15:34h (A. Tahedl) 13:30:47h (R. Ratasepp) -
participations 10 71 81
finished particip. 9 63 72
diff. competitors 7 52 59
different finisher 6 48 54
AVG swim time 4:12:49h 4:06:29h 4:07:17h
AVG bike time 26:06:07h 22:18:43h 22:47:09h
AVG run time 22:21:47h 21:31:57h 21:38:10h
AVG finish time 52:40:42h 47:57:08h 48:32:34h