Committee Handover

We now move the direction of IUTA to the new executive committee consisting of Mark Hohe-Dorst, Claire Smith, Joey Lichter and Norbert Lüftenegger. We wish good luck to our new committee and would like to thank all the athletes, organizers, volunteers and anti-doping agency who have collaborated with us.

Over the past four years we have grown as an organization with increased participation in our events. Each year new athletes join the IUTA circuit in 2014 we had 207 athletes who participated in our competitions in this last year we were at 253. We would especially like to thank Walter Wegschaider, Alexandra Meixner, Steve Kirby, Laurynas Narkevicius and Kristina Razanskaite our web master for their help.

Many new records has been establish this year 41 national Records, 1 American Record, 1 Oceania Record, 4 European Records, 8 World Records and 8 new Race Records.

Throughout these past four seasons it has been a pleasure for all of us to promote the Ultra Triathlon and we wish good luck to all and hope to get you back as athletes in future events.

Thank you and good luck to all.

Leslie, Harn Wei, Jean Pierre