Make your dream come true and finish an Ultra Triathlon

Why should I participate in races under the IUTA label? There are many reasons for this, there are just as many reasons against it - but there is only one chance to find out what you are really capable of: Fulfill your dream - Ultra Triathlon!

Make your dream come true and finish an ultra triathlonInspiring moment: Crossing the finish line! (Foto by Stefan Meier)

  • You will dive into another world of triathlon. The community of the Ultra Family will never let you go.
  • Meet organizers who organize their events out of love for our sport and who for the most part were or still are ultra-triathletes themselves.
  • No commercial background: IUTA today is financially worth exactly the same as it was when it was founded, namely zero (currency freely selectable). For our organizers, every event is usually a zero-sum game.
  • No crowded tracks through small fields of participants between 30 and 70 athletes
  • Hosting of IUTA World Championships at different locations
  • IUTA World Cup ranking with prize money for the first three women and men
  • IUTA Long Distance Challenge with prize money for the first three women and men
  • Cups and/or medals and/or finisher shirts and/or certificates for all finishers from the organizers
  • Appreciation of all achievements: IUTA medals for all finishers and IUTA certificates for special achievements
  • Everyone is allowed to participate: Extra rules, extra category and, if necessary, slightly modified routes for physically challenged athletes
  • Correctly measured distances: You will be able to say that you really haven't gone one meter too far!
  • Electronic timing systems with live results on organizer websites
  • Further quality features such as security standards in all three disciplines, anti-doping tests and checks for technology fraud.
  • Official recognition of ultra triathlon world-, continental- and race-records
  • Your ideas will be implemented: Transparent IUTA rules and regulations. All members can contribute their suggestions to the annual revision.
  • You can exert your influence directly: Annual vote on the rules for the IUTA World Cup Ranking
  • Your vote counts: As a participant in an IUTA race, you have the right to vote in the IUTA committee and you can also put yourself up for election.