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IUTA | International Ultra Triathlon Association
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The time of year has come again to celebrate the end of the IUTA world cup season.
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An insight on 2013 Virginia Anvil Ultra Triathlons by George Wortley (USA)".
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Athletes put their bodies through test of endurance. ""
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Message from Jorge Luis Andonie: Dear Ultra Triathlete I invite you to participate in the World Cup Mexico
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Dear IUTA members, dear members of the Ultra Triathlon family, the IUTA has recently received a legal thread.
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Thanks to Lava magazine for this write up and to our ultra geeks David Jepson and Chuck Kemeny for their comments.
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IUTA World Cup Race - Double Ultra Triathlon - (Emsdetten / Germany - 14. - 16. June 2013)
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Here are some interesting articles from Endurance Race Magazine...
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Sadly we received the message that the organizing comittee from the Switzerland Double in Neftenbach...
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At the regular meeting of the IUTA committee the position inside the comittee are confirmed as follow.
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Some interesting articles
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After four years in charged, the active athletes and race organizers have elected in the last weeks a new IUTA comittee.
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Manfred Matschke
Manuela Correc
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Malatinszky Zsófi
David Jepson
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Jan-Olof Wadehn
Christian Kämmer
IUTA - International Ultra Triathlon Association
The IUTA (International Ultra Triathlon Association) is the official governing body of Ultra Triathlon.